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Maintenance Q&A for Your Apartment Home

Maintenance Q&A for Your Apartment Home

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What are garbage disposals designed for?
Small amounts of leftover food from your plate such as any small amount of carrot peelings, tomato chunks, and strawberry stems.

What should not go down the garbage disposal?

Anything that isn’t biodegradable food and/or items like plastic, metal, cigarettes, animal bones, hamburger, cooking oil or grease, eggshells, potato skins, rice or pasta, corncobs, seafood shells or shrimp. These items can easily clog your disposal even in small quantities.

What items can I store in my utility closet?

Only the water heater and furnace should occupy your utility closet(s). Other items stored here may prevent our staff from completing maintenance-related tasks and they may be hazardous to the equipment.

Why do I have partial power in my apartment?

You may need to check the breaker or the GFI outlet in your apartment. Every resident has their own breaker box and every outlet within four feet of a water source should have a GFI outlet. The GFI outlets are the ones with the buttons on them to reset the outlet. If you have partial power, try checking out your breaker and GFI reset buttons to make sure everything is ok!

What do I do if I come home late at night and I’m locked out?

You can call us using the emergency maintenance line at any hour of the day or night for help. The fee for a lock out is $25 and this fee will be charged to your resident ledger.

Can I call someone if there is an emergency in my apartment?

Yes, please call 911 first for any life-threatening emergencies such a fire or domestic disturbance. Then call our emergency maintenance staff for help or for any non-life-threatening emergencies. We are happy to help for those times when you are not sure if something is an emergency.

What is considered an emergency maintenance request?

Emergency requests include any non-contained leaks, non-functioning toilets (if it is your only toilet), a/c or heat not working during hot/cold temperatures, smoke detector beeping, security breach, total loss of power, flood, broken window, someone parked in your assigned spot (please identify your spot number, the car description, and if there is a tag in the car), non-functioning refrigerator, building entry door not functioning, or frozen/broken pipe.

Can I submit an emergency request online?

Please submit all requests by calling our office during the day or leaving a message with the property's direct line. We do not receive the online requests submitted after hours until the following business day.

Who should I call if my neighbors are noisy?

The office or maintenance staff is happy to handle any concerns regarding noise that can be handled without police intervention. For any loud arguments, excessive music, partying, etc., please contact the police. You may call 911 for life-threatening situations or the non-emergency police line for any other concerns.

Should I turn off my a/c or heat when I leave town?

Our staff suggests lowering the heat or increasing the a/c by 2-3 degrees instead of shutting it off completely so that the equipment runs more efficiently. Please do not turn off your heat during very cold months so that you do not come home to a frozen pipe!

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