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Pet Policy

We strive to provide a pet-friendly community for everyone.
Check out our pet policy to learn more!

Our communities are home to more than just humans! We love our furry friends and encourage our residents to enjoy approved pets in their homes. Please read and learn more about Buckingham's policies surrounding pets to ensure we provide a safe environment for everyone.


Our management firm utilizes to screen pets requesting to reside in our communities. PetScreening does all the work for you in managing animal records, including validating reasonable accommodation requests for assistance animals. By using this service, we can confirm all residents understand the pet policies and our team can easily manage pet records for the property.

All current and future residents are required to create a profile, even if there is not going to be a pet in the apartment. Those who do have a pet residing with them will receive a Fido Score after completing their profile. The Fido Score determines if your pet is accepted and the applicable fees that apply. The fee schedule and list of restricted dog breeds are below.


Please complete all fields within the profile for an accurate Fido Score. If additional details are added later that result in a higher Fido Score, a refund will not be issued for the difference. Applicants and residents are responsible for the profile fee.

PET FEE (per each pet)

Depending on your Fido Score, the following non-refundable deposit will be required:

  • Fido Score 1 = $400
  • Fido Score 2 = $375
  • Fido Score 3 = $350
  • Fido Score 4 = $325
  • Fido Score 5 = $300
  • PET RENT (per each pet)

    Pet rent is a monthly fee that will be added to the lease agreement.

  • Fido Score 1 = $45
  • Fido Score 2 = $40
  • Fido Score 3 = $35
  • Fido Score 4 = $30
  • Fido Score 5 = $25

    • American Pit Bull Terrier
    • American Staffordshire Terrier
    • American Bully
    • American Bull Terrier
    • Wolf
    • Wolf Hybrid or Mix
    • No weight or age restrictions across the board
    • Limit two pets per apartment home