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Thanksgiving in an Apartment Home

Thanksgiving in an Apartment Home

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Just because you live in an apartment home doesn’t mean you can’t throw an all-out, jam packed, Thanksgiving dinner party. Regardless of how much space you have, the holidays are supposed to be a time focused on getting together with friends and family and making memories to last a lifetime. We want you to make your holiday hosting the best it can be, so read on for some Thanksgiving tips!

Get creative and make use of every square foot of your home’s counter and floor space. Depending on how many people you plan to host, strategically planning ahead of time and re-arranging your home will allow you to live out the “more the merrier” lifestyle.

  1. Hang string lights and decorations rather than focusing on an elaborate center piece. By freeing up your table and counter top space, you can serve more food and drinks while keeping festive. Hint: Hang a festive Autumn wreath inside your home as a simple way to set the tone for the season.
  2. Instead of worrying about ironing a table cloth that will inevitably get dirty, buy craft or butchers paper and decorate however you choose. Great for kids and adult doodlers, plus you can use this to label any food that’s sensitive for dietary restrictions.
  3. Seems simple, but try to prepare as many meals ahead of time as possible. It also doesn’t hurt to require guests to bring their own side dishes while you’re in charge of the main course. Once guests arrive, you won’t want to be running around still cooking pies!
  4. Clear your floor space and designate an area for guest’s personal items. If furniture can be moved to your bedroom, clear it out so you can have optimal space for entertaining.

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