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Resident of the Month: August

Resident of the Month: August

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Meet our Residents of the Month, Julie and Steve!


How long have you lived at CityWay? What floor plan did you choose and why?
We moved to CityWay August 1, 2017. We chose the Vermillion floor plan because of the great space and flexibility it provides. Julie's office and our master bedroom are on the bottom level. This means she has lots of quiet and privacy for work, and I have a full run of the middle level to do absolutely nothing! We hardly ever go to the top level, but it has been a great space for guests and our daughter, who is home from IU for the summer.

What is your favorite thing about the city of Indianapolis?
It's hard to choose one favorite thing because we love CityWay and the city of Indianapolis very much. If we narrowed to a top two, I would say we love the amazing variety of great restaurants and the terrific running and biking trails in and around the city.

What do you like to do for fun?
For fun we love going to events. This was one of the main reasons we wanted to live in the heart of the city. When we first moved here, we began keeping a list of games, concerts and other events we've attended just to have a fun record of the things we've done. So far this first year, we have been to 74 events, including more than 50 games, 9 concerts and a variety of other activities like the Indiana State Fair and the filming of American Ninja Warrior.

We've already signed our lease for another year here at CityWay. It's really hard to beat this wonderful community and the incredible downtown area!

Thank you for sharing, Julie and Steve! Want to be the next Resident of the Month? Contact Danielle in the leasing office today!

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