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Mark Fox

Mark Fox

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39 point 76181 degrees North 86 point 154688 degrees West, 2012

"39 point 76181 degrees North 86 point 154688 degrees West is cut from polished stainless steel and designed to have equal parts positive and negative space. While few materials are as substantial as steel, the text appears to float in space, with individual words shifting in and out of legibility.

The text that makes up the surface of this site-specific sculpture addresses the viewer‟s relationship to the immediate environment, in this case, the Alexander Hotel and Indianapolis. The text begins matter-of-factly with the longitude and latitude of the Alexander Hotel and then delves into a more poetic, occasionally humorous presentation of historical and scientific information about the viewer‟s position in time and space, including the speed at which the viewer is moving through space, the distance from the viewer to Alexander Ralston‟s grave site, and unexpected connections to famed racecar driver Arie Luyendyk and Madam Walker‟s Indianapolis-based beauty empire. This sculpture emerged from my desire to situate the viewer‟s body in space, place, and time, while also calling attention to the natural and unnatural phenomenon that surround us but often go unnoticed."

— Mark Fox (New York, NY) 

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