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Youri Mantra

Youri Cansell, aka Mantra, is a consummate artist and naturalist. While equally adept at painting humans as animals, Mantra is especially fascinated by entomology, the world of insects. Mining memories of his childhood garden in France, he now paints exquisite murals, often of moths and butterflies, on urban surfaces where these ephemeral beings are seldom…

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Kelsey Montague

Kelsey Montague is a public, mural artist with work seen across the globe – both physically and via social media. Her illustrations invite people into the piece of art and to share that experience online. "I believe that art should not be separated from the human experience. Instead the human experience should have a hand in…

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Type A (Adam Ames and Andrew Bordwin)

Mark, 2002 Mark (circle), 2002 Mark (diamond), 2002 Mark (rectangle), 2002 In Mark, the two members of Type A (Adam Ames and Andrew Bordwin) utilize their bodies to create drawings by establishing a difference, a common ground, and opposing territories. Shot overhead, Mark consists of three video segments depicting the two artists using chalk to delineate first a…

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Nicole Mauser

Some Things (Not Meant to be Contained), 2008 Opposite of Oration, 2008 "While forms within Some Things (not meant to be contained) can accommodate numerous references, the delicate green netting specifically relates to my interest in autonomic processes and states of consciousness continually at play within the body. Utilizing an economy of line and sensitivity to line…

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N. Dash

Teague Teague is a 2012 painting by N. Dash. The painting is abstract and is constructed from adobe, gesso, jute, twine on a wood support. This painting is unframed. This work was purchased in 2012 from Untitled, LP (gallery), and as of 2014 is on display in the private dining room of the Market Table…

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Lucinda Devlin

Seclusion Prehistoric Cave Room #2, Sheraton Hotel, Valley Forge, PA, 1990 Northern Lights Room, Fanta Suite Hotel, Burnsville, MN, 1989 Pulsations Room, Sheraton Hotel, Valley Forge, PA, 1990 Shakespeare Room, Sheraton Hotel, Valley Forge, PA, 1990 "Until recently, the majority of my work has explored contemporary culture through the psychologically complex domain of interior spaces. Pleasure…

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Lilly McElroy

I throw myself at men. #5, 2006 I throw myself at men. #3, 2006 I throw myself at men. #12, 2008 "This project initially started with ads I placed on Craigslist in 2006, looking for men who would meet me blind date style in bars and allow me, literally, to throw myself at them. Using my…

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Lauren Zoll

Ten Minute Drawings, 2011 "I made this series with the self-imposed constraint of completing each drawing in under ten minutes, covering paper with drywall finishing tape and painting over the tape with black paint. Starting with a ten-minute drawing, I gave myself one minute less to complete each subsequent drawing. This drawing series was initiated…

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Laura Letinsky

Untitled #27, from III Form & Void Full, 2011 Untitled #3, from III Form & Void Full, 2011 Untitled #5, from III Form & Void Full, 2010 From Chicago, IL. Visit Artist Website