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Nicole Mauser

Nicole Mauser

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Some Things (Not Meant to be Contained), 2008
Opposite of Oration, 2008

"While forms within Some Things (not meant to be contained) can accommodate numerous references, the delicate green netting specifically relates to my interest in autonomic processes and states of consciousness continually at play within the body. Utilizing an economy of line and sensitivity to line quality, channeling an interest in these processes give way to sensations of both weight and weightlessness. Oscillating between an impenetrably opaque flat surface and its inverse, dimensionality, a space or zone begins to emerge for the viewer's projections to reside. Elusive passages of gloss varnish over matte, allow for multiple viewing experiences."

"In Opposite of Oration (Quiet, Listening), a blue-green color field is intended to feel neutral and serene to act as respite from the daily onslaught of communication. The formal relationships of lines and forms intersecting the paintings mirror physical negotiations of intersecting with and connecting to an external world. Prominence of negative space is intended to function as a repository for thoughts and projections. Spaces in both paintings invite the viewer to navigate the picture plane and to complete the image on their own terms."

— Nicole Mauser (Kansas City, MO)

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