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Type A (Adam Ames and Andrew Bordwin)

Type A (Adam Ames and Andrew Bordwin)

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Mark, 2002
Mark (circle), 2002
Mark (diamond), 2002
Mark (rectangle), 2002

In Mark, the two members of Type A (Adam Ames and Andrew Bordwin) utilize their bodies to create drawings by establishing a difference, a common ground, and opposing territories. Shot overhead, Mark consists of three video segments depicting the two artists using chalk to delineate first a personal territory, then a shared territory, and finally the territory of the screen itself.

The first segment, consisting of each member drawing a circle based on his height, begins as a way to mark the difference in bodily dimension. Once the process is repeated, the disparity between the original markings, and consequently the significance of each member‟s individuality, becomes blurred. The second segment has each of them filling in the shared space between them with chalk marks, creating a form that represents a process that is cooperative from the start. In the third segment, the floor is completely filled with chalk, taking over the entire territory of the medium. In each instance, the territories are washed clean in the end. (New York, NY) 

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