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June Residents of the Month for CityWay

June Residents of the Month for CityWay

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Meet Stephanie and Jason Grace, our June residents of the month for CityWay!


What is your favorite Indianapolis event? Why?
Circle City IN Pride in June! I've marched in the Pride Parade with my colleagues from the NCAA national office every year since 2015, and it's one of the most joyous days of my year. There's so much love along that parade route, and it's wonderful to celebrate my LGBTQ+ community here in central Indiana. 

Where within CityWay, other than your apartment, do you like to spend time?
It's so hard to choose which place within CityWay is my favorite – I spend so much of my time here, even when I'm not in our apartment. Having the Irsay Family YMCA right next door is so convenient (especially to help mitigate all the time I spend at Qdoba). Sebastian, our dachshund, loves the dog park. I like meeting friends at Yolk on the weekends for brunch. We also like reserving the movie theater in the amenity center for special events. I use BlueIndy a lot, so it's great to have the South Street station right here. We certainly try to make the most of all the amenities we have here at CityWay!

How long have you lived at CityWay? What floor plan did you choose? Why?
This is my second time living at CityWay, so in total, I've lived here for about a year and a half. When I first moved to Indy in 2013, I lived solo in the Amaranth because it was the perfect size for me, and I loved the west-facing windows with the city view. This time around, and now married, we're in the Amethyst — I love having two floors, and as soon as I saw the rooftop terrace, there was no question it was the right place for us.

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