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Residents of the Month: November

Meet our residents of the month, Katie & Billy! What made you choose CityWay as your home? The location was a huge factor. It was a central location for both of our jobs. Additionally, we both loved the layouts and floor plans offered for the units. The look of the entire community truly caught our eyes.…

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August Resident of the Month

Meet our Resident of the Month, Quinn! What made you choose CityWay as your home?   I chose CityWay because of the layout of the apartments. I looked into most apartment complexes around downtown and knew this was my favorite the instant I saw it.   What do you love most about CityWay?   CityWay's…

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June Residents of the Month for CityWay

Meet Stephanie and Jason Grace, our June residents of the month for CityWay!   What is your favorite Indianapolis event? Why? Circle City IN Pride in June! I've marched in the Pride Parade with my colleagues from the NCAA national office every year since 2015, and it's one of the most joyous days of my…

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