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August Resident of the Month

August Resident of the Month

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Meet our Resident of the Month, Quinn!

What made you choose CityWay as your home?


I chose CityWay because of the layout of the apartments. I looked into most apartment complexes around downtown and knew this was my favorite the instant I saw it.


What do you love most about CityWay?


CityWay's location is definitely my favorite part. I go to most Pacers and Colts games, so being able to walk is great. I also love that I can walk to the YMCA and multiple bars and restaurants. I try to go to at least one new restaurant every week, and I'm able to walk to many that I've never tried before.


What is your favorite thing about the city of Indianapolis?


Indianapolis, other than college, is the only city I've ever lived in. I love how it's big enough to have professional teams like the Colts and Pacers, and there is always activities going on. And it's still small enough that you don't get the traffic like you would in New York or Chicago. It's really a great city for sports fans thanks to the many events the city has hosted throughout the years.

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