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Creative Halloween Costumes for All Ages

Creative Halloween Costumes for All Ages

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Trick or Treat! Halloween is a few days away and we know most people are in a panic to create a last-minute costume. No matter your level of creativity, we’ve made a list of a few easy costume ideas for all ages and even a few suggestions for pets. Read below for some creative (and easy) Halloween costume suggestions!


Costume: Gumball Machine

What you’ll need:

Multicolor pom poms

A black/white top

Red skirt/pants (the gumball machine)

Black felt (the 25-cent coin slot)

Glue gun and sticks

Steps: Hot glue the pom poms to the shirt to create the “gumball” portion. Use the felt to cut out and create the 25-cent slot. Glue the “money slot” on the red skirt/pants to create the “machine/stand” portion.


Costume: Harry Potter

What you’ll need:

Red and gold striped scarf

Black, round, glasses

Red face paint

Black robe

Steps: Draw a lightening bolt shaped scar on forehead. Throw on the robes, scarf, and glasses, and poof! You’re a Hogwarts legend.


Costume: Holy Guacamole

What you’ll need:

Green t-shirt

Printed photos of avocados

Angel wings


Steps: Glue printed photos of avocados to a green shirt. Add angel attire and now you’re the puniest person at the party.


Costume: Bunch of Grapes

What you’ll need:

Black t-shirt

Black pants

A pack of purple balloons

Tape or hot glue

Steps: Tape or glue inflated purple balloons to your neutral under clothes. For an added detail, wear a green beanie to create a grape stem.


The anti-costume: Error 404

Steps: Find a local t-shirt screen printer or draw on a t-shirt “Error 404 Costume Not Found.” This is a snarky and minimal effort costume for even the most last minute of decisions.


Owner/Pet costume: Vendor and Hotdog

What you’ll need:

Red apron

White shirt

Chef hat

Doggie hotdog costume


Owner/Pet costume: Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf

What you’ll need:

Red fabric/hood

A basket of goodies

If your pup’s ears aren’t ferocious enough, add large black fluffy ears to mimic a wolf.


We hope our suggestions sparked your imagination and that you can pull together an easy and creative Halloween costume. Have a safe and spooky Halloween!

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