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Pet of the Month: November

Pet of the Month: November

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Meet our November Pet of the Month, Cru!

This adorable goldendoodle sat down with us for a little Q&A.

What is his favorite daytime activity?
Cru loves being active outside and meeting news dogs/people. Cru loves to be the center of attention and he loves to lick everything!! Whether its chasing leaves, going on long walks downtown, or rolling around on the ground, he loves to spend time outside. With that being said, I don't think he will be too excited for winter. Feel free to say hi when you see Cru walking around the CityWay community.

What is your favorite personality quirk?
Cru has been a very obedient and well behaved puppy. I usually let him too far out of sight because he loves to get into things he shouldn't. He does enjoy walking the line between a good and bad puppy. One of the more funny things he does is he will pick up visitor's shoes and let you chase him throughout the house to get them back. If he gets underneath the bed, good luck getting it back before he chews it up. Virtually anything he knows he shouldn't have in his mouth, he will pick up, look you right in the eyes like he's saying "what now!?" and the dart off! He's pretty quick for his size!! He will definitely be playing soccer when he grows up.

What is his favorite toy and why?
Cru's favorite toy is his stuffed squirrel. I'm under the impression he likes this toy more than others because it symbolizes a real animal. However, since he is a puppy and his attention span is very short, he tends to play with all of his toys a good amount, until he starts diving at my feet/ toes. I can definitely confirm that his non-dog toy are toes or feet of any kind. I think he likes them because he doesn't have any and they move, which catches his attention. Even though I supplied him with his own sneakers that have been designated for him. I own a pretty extensive sneaker collection and this has been the hardest learning curve for a new pup dad. We have been working on a trade and barter program, 1 dollop of peanut butter for the return of one shoe in good condition. Please pray for us!

Thank you, Cru, and Cru's human, Evan, for sharing! If you are interested in having your fur baby featured on our blog, contact Danielle in the office today!

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