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Our Moving Tips

Our Moving Tips

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We understand moving is stressful no matter how much you prepare. Whether you’re moving across the hall or across the country, there are many steps you should take before packing all your valuables in boxes. As experts in the art of a smooth move, read on for our top tips when it comes to moving.

First, there are many factors to consider when moving. Do you need a moving truck? Are you moving into a smaller space? A bigger space? How far are you moving? These are just a few of the factors to consider when making arrangements. Depending on your situation, you’ll need to adjust your game plan.

Before you move, purge anything you haven’t used within the past year. Moving truck space is valuable because it’s finite. If you can’t fit something, you either need a bigger truck or it’s not worth bringing. Plan to donate or trash several items in the weeks before your move. Getting rid of a few items is a win-win situation: the more you decide you don’t need, the less you have to move.

Once you have consolidated your belongings down to the essentials, you can begin packing. Our tip: pack room-by-room. For example, if you pack your dining room materials together, you’re more likely to have a smooth transition and not misplace items along the way. When you get to your new space, you’ll know everything “dining” is together. This way, if you don’t have time to unpack everything immediately, you can easily prioritize what to unpack first.


For belongings that can fit in a box, we suggest purchasing cardboard moving boxes. Using boxes you already own can be tempting, but often aren’t as sturdy and are difficult to carry. Moving boxes are great for stacking and can uniformly fit in a moving truck or car. Be sure to label every box on the top and at least one side so you can easily spot your organized boxes every time. Also, use smaller boxes for heavier items. When you put heavy items in large boxes, it can be tempting to fill the box to the point where it becomes too heavy to carry.

Aside from packing, there are a few steps you will need to take to make sure your bills and other utilities are covered during the move. Try scheduling your disconnect times so you are strategically covered in both homes with as little overlap as possible. Sometimes your apartment home management will take care of this for you, but you should always double check. You should also change your permanent address before you move so you continue to get any outstanding bills at the correct location.

Want a pain-free moving experience? Try using a professional moving company! If you’re looking for suggestions, contact our leasing center and we can provide assistance. We hope this has been a helpful guide and we wish all our residents (past, present and future) a successful move!

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