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Resident of the Month: February

Resident of the Month: February

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Meet our February Resident of the Month, Jared.

Jared sat down with us to share about his CItyWay experience and about him!

How long have you lived at CityWay, what floorplan did you choose and why?
I have lived at CityWay for two and a half years now. I lived in a Cadmium for a couple of years with a college buddy of mine. That layout worked great for us. I travel a lot for work so he had the place to himself for 10 nights a month, usually. His work took him out of Indy recently, so now I am in the Azure. It's a great space for one person.

What are your three favorite things about CityWay?
The proximity to the YMCA. I can't imagine driving to the gym anymore. The pool. The central location to Georgia St., Mass Ave. and Fountain Square. You can't beat it. When I first moved here, my friends and I definitely spent more time on Georgia Street, but these days I like to check out Mass Ave. and Fountain Square.

Tell us a fun fact about you?
When I used to be a flight instructor at Purdue, I was involved with an organization called Able Flight. Through that program I had a student pilot that was paralyzed from the waist down. With a special airplane that used hand controls, he was able to get his pilots license! This is obviously a way more impressive fact for him than it is me, but it is something I will never forget and am incredibly grateful to have been part of.

Thank you, Jared, for sharing these fantastic stories! If you are interested in being our next Resident of the Month contact Danielle.

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