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City Living at CityWay in Downtown Indy

City Living at CityWay in Downtown Indy

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Check out Laura Granieri's blog on IndyHub featuing CityWay resident, Tynia! 

This is a new initiative for CityWay in partnership with IndyHub called Core Connections. As a new young professional resident at CityWay, and new to downtown Indy, residents are sent a test from IndyHub to learn how to get more involved with the city, specifically clubs and nonprofits. Our resident was featured first! 

"Indianapolis is filled with great places to live, and with the significant development and growth in the past decade, we’ve seen many apartment complexes and buildings pop up for downtown dwellers. IndyHub is proud to have CityWay as a partner of our work, and now that our office is located just around the corner from the CityWay campus, we’ve certainly enjoyed the amenities they provide to visitors and residents alike, specifically Plat 99: Coffee + Cocktails!


I met up with one of CityWay’s residents, Tynia Murphy, to learn more about her journey to Indy and why she chose CityWay. Aside from the resident amenities, Tynia loves how CityWay is a quiet space in the city and often enjoys the many restaurants and hanging out with her neighbors by the pool or common spaces. Read more to learn about Tynia and a snapshot of what life is like at CityWay!

When did you move to Indianapolis and what drew you to choose CityWay?


I moved to Indianapolis the summer of 2017. I decided to come out for a two-month vacation with my friend Andy who already lived in Indy at CityWay. During the first month I spent in Indianapolis we both decided that I should stay, and we should live together and start a new relationship. We’ve been dating ever since!


Are you from Indianapolis or somewhere else?


I am from Las Vegas, Nevada.


Where do you work?


During the summer, I work across the street at the Irsay Family YMCA at CityWay, part time. During the school year, I work a Before-and-After School program for the YMCA, working with IPS. I engage with children in fun creative and physical activities. Soon I will be transferring to IUPUI for my bachelor’s degree in elementary education in 2020.


When not at work, what are some things you enjoy doing in Indy?


In the summer, we love to ride our bikes downtown or up to Broad Ripple. We enjoy eating at restaurants on Mass Ave., going to the symphony for concerts, seeing movies playing at The IMAX movie theater, going to Circle Centre Mall, and more! Lately, we’ve been renting kayaks on The Canal on sunny days, and we also love to swim using the pool and hot tub during the fall and winter at The Irsay Family YMCA at CityWay.


We also enjoy hosting Bachelor parties for the T.V. show mostly every Monday at our apartment. Fountain Square is a neat place to be, and not too far from home when I’m craving my favorite Thai restaurant in Indianapolis.

What is your absolute favorite part about living at CityWay?


The pool and grill area is my favorite spot. I love to study by the pool, relax and cook on the grill.


What types of amenities does CityWay offer that sealed your decision to move in?


When we decided we wanted to move into a larger one bedroom apartment, I wanted to look for a place that had similar amenities as CityWay. I searched everywhere downtown and eventually decided that I love our place because nowhere else provided an outdoor pool, T.V. room, lounge, a gym, and a quiet place that’s in the downtown area that’s close to our work.


Have you interacted with many of your neighbors or participated in complex mixers/events?


We have made a few good friends here at CityWay. One of our friends is our ‘cool neighbor’ that is a news anchor on ABC, which is exciting to tell people. And an awesome couple that recently got engaged, congrats to them. Sometimes, we meet people that are interns for Lilly where Andy works, and we make new friends easily when we see them enjoying the same amenities as we do.


There's tons of art featured in and around the CityWay property- which piece is your favorite and why?


There are really neat spray painting art on the property, but my all-time favorite is the guy in a black striped suit looking sneaky and spray painting on the wall. I love it because it’s funny to see a joke when I look out the window, I see it all the time and chuckle.


How does living at CityWay compare to other places you have lived in the past?


I have never lived in a place as beautiful as CityWay. The community here is a great place to surround yourself with great energy. None of my homes in the past have measured up to CityWay.

What is the social atmosphere like at CityWay?


This is a busy area because we have Bankers Life Arena and Lucas Oil Stadium basically across the street. So, we do enjoy a fun tailgating party here and there. Although the traffic of people comes and goes it is a positive feel with the people around CityWay, the residents and staff that live and work here on the property are kind people.


What is your go-to local food spot at CityWay?


We love happy hours with co-workers and friends at the Alexander Hotel, in their coffee shop and bar called Plat 99: Coffee & Cocktails. There is also an Italian restaurant called Nesso, a breakfast place called Yolk, and a Qdoba. I know there is more to come in the future to explore and experience at CityWay with the new expansion. We are very excited to see what else is coming!


We've talked a lot about living at City Way– but how can anyone in Indy enjoy the property?


There are many ways to enjoy the property, including some of the restaurants I mentioned before. I get my hair done downstairs at Salon Lofts. I have an amazing friend/hairdresser that does my hair and teaches yoga at CityWay so that’s extremely fun to interact with others doing yoga."

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