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Andrew Bordwin

Andrew Bordwin

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8 photos from A Fractured Travel Guide to Indianapolis, 2012

"I took the photographs in this series in and around Indianapolis, both in Center City and on the highways just north. They capture fragments of words, signifiers, messages that may imprint themselves on the mind during the course of a day, only to be forgotten and then vaguely recalled in the comfort of a hotel room. Language is broken up into fragments, removing literal meaning and easy identifiers, to create an unconventional, more open-ended portrait of this city.

Although I have been to Indianapolis more than a dozen times, I made this series of photographs as an outsider, as a New Yorker, eager to look beyond the city‟s highlights and must-sees. I wanted to capture the information we all absorb consciously or unconsciously while walking from place to place—the corners, messages, and pockets of identity that are often overlooked in these interstitial moments. We often forget how destinations are not only the places we seek, but also the experiences we have while getting there."
— Andrew Bordwin (New York, NY) 

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