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Alyson Shotz

Alyson Shotz

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Standing Wave, 2012

"A wave is a disturbance that travels through space and time—a standing wave, is a wave that remains in a constant position.

Standing Wave is inspired by the idea and visual representations of waves of light and sound. It is part of a series of sculptures in which I take a simple idea: incremental change, variation and deformation and those changes or increments create the sculpture. Each piece of acrylic steps up or down the wall by one half of an inch. This pushing against the wall curves it more and more creating the wave in its various forms. Standing Wave for the Alexander Hotel has two layers of differing waves, one on top of the other.

Because of the interval-like structure and the dichroic reflective surface of the sculpture, it will look different depending on where one is standing in relationship to it. It shifts in color and shape as a viewer moves around the space. Changing light because of the time of day or season also dramatically affects the way this sculpture appears."
— Alyson Shotz (Brooklyn, NY) 

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