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Aziz + Cucher (Anthony Aziz + Sammy Cucher)

Aziz + Cucher (Anthony Aziz + Sammy Cucher)

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Synaptic Bliss_Alexander, 2012

"Begun in 2003, the series of works collectively known as Synaptic Bliss explores the idea of a digital consciousness. Allowing for the simultaneous perception of multiple perspectives and scales, the videos also blur the distinctions between the body and its environment, the exterior and the interior, and the organic and the artificial. The commission for the Alexander Hotel continues our interest in the concept of the electronic garden—in this case, a vivid, shifting space that teems with life in a world halfway between the organic and the digital. We envisioned the work as a welcoming transition between the parking garage and the hotel lobby."
— Aziz + Cucher (Brooklyn, NY) 

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