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Damien Gilley

Damien Gilley

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X, 2012

"I created X as a fantastic super-blueprint of my experience of Indianapolis. It offers a compressed view of the streetscapes and architecture derived from the hundreds of photographs I took of the city by car and by foot. The mural depicts the urban structure of the downtown center, but also the residential, predominantly horizontal expansion of the city that unfolds as you leave the city center.

The work champions the original grid structure of Alexander Ralston‟s Plat of Indianapolis and is a nod to the urban planner for whom the hotel is named. The X at the center of the vinyl mural represents Monument Circle, the historical axis point of Ralston‟s design. It is simultaneously a tribute to Ralston, a representation of the physical crossing of avenues, and a riff on the city‟s reputation as the 'crossroads of America.'"
— Damien Gilley (Portland, OR) 

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