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Keeping Your July 4th Pet Friendly

Keeping Your July 4th Pet Friendly

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We love to keep our apartment homes friendly for your furry companions year-round. While the 4th of July sparks celebration across the country we do not want to forget about our animals and their safety during the excitement. Check out these four July 4th tips for keeping your pets as happy about the holiday as the rest of the us!


Keep Your Dog at Home


We know you want to  bring your furry friend to the neighborhood party, but we suggest leaving your pets behind during the fireworks. While typically outdoor adventures would be a great time to pack up your companion, the 4th of July can cause anxiety in your dog with the loud noises and unexpected sights. Take your animal off of the RSVP and leave them inside where they will be comfortable, and not tempted to escape during the excitement.


Block Outside Sights & Sounds


Once you have determined it would be best to leave your pets at home, create a calming environment for your furry friends. While you may not be able to control how your neighbors celebrate, you can ensure  your pets feel safe by closing the blinds to keep out unexpected sights. Next, turn on a distracting noise to keep your pets from being shocked when a firework goes off in proximity. Music or the TV make great background noise to keep on while you are out and lowers the chance of an unexpected sound terrifying your pets. If possible, keep your pet in an interior room without windows for maximum relaxation.


Monitor Your Guests’ Interactions with Your Dog


If you decide to stay home and find your furry friend hanging around with the grill fired up and friends surrounding you, be careful with food scraps. A few surprising toxic cookout foods for pets are onions, avocados, and grapes. Other toxic chemicals that can be harmful to our furry friends are found in insect repellent and sunscreen when sprayed too close.


Claim Your Furry Friend


In case of emergency or escape, it is always a safe practice to ensure your animal is wearing identification tags or has a microchip inserted. With the excitement, loud and unforeseen sounds, and unmonitored guests there are extra escape opportunities to watch out for. If you know your dog will be joining you for holiday excitement, remember to claim them as your own with proper identification.


We hope that your Independence Day is full of grilling out, community fun, and fireworks! Take care of your animals in your apartment home, and enjoy your holiday knowing your pet is safe and taken care of indoors.

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