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The Alexander Hotel Featured in AAA Traveler Worldwise

The Alexander Featured in AAA Traveler Worldwise

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AAA Traveler Worldwise focuses on The Art of Travel noting our neighbors, The Alexander, feature attention to art that makes it an attraction in itself. Read the full article here

By: Thersa Gawlas Medoff

"Art is all around at The Alexander in Indianapolis. The focal point of the lobby’s living room is Sonya Clark’s Madam CJ Walker II, made of 3,400 hair combs."

The Alexander Hotel lobby featuring art

"The Alexander, which boasts of being “the only hotel in the world to be curated from the ground up by an accredited art museum,” assembled its collection with help from Veronica Roberts, former Adjunct Associate Curator of Contemporary Art at The Indianapolis Museum of Art. New installations are added regularly to the collection, which now numbers more than 275 works. Even the parking garages have commissioned art on display; British graffiti artist Nick Walker created large-scale murals throughout CityWay’s two parking garages."

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