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Pets of the Month: Bobby and Leo

Pets of the Month: Bobby and Leo

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Please meet, Bobby and Leo! Here's what their owners, Jazz and Troy shared about their fur family!

What breed of cats do you own? Bobby and Leo were adopted so we are unsure of their breed but they were sleeping on each other in the cage so we decided on getting both of them!


What do they love most about living at CityWay? They love when we open the windows up and they get to watch and listen to the dogs playing in the courtyard. Bobby loves playing on the patio when there’s snow and Leo prefers to sit inside and look at all of the reflections of the sun in the house hoping to one day grab one of them.


How is city life with cats compared to dogs? We don't need to take them out on walks, but we do, however, chase them down the halls of the building. They love squeezing through the front door when it opens and sprinting to the end of the hall to lay on their backs waiting to be pet.

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