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Kelsey Montague

Kelsey Montague

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Kelsey Montague is a public, mural artist with work seen across the globe – both physically and via social media. Her illustrations invite people into the piece of art and to share that experience online. "I believe that art should not be separated from the human experience. Instead the human experience should have a hand in creating the art itself."
Even if you don't know Montague, you've probably seen her work. Her most famous piece is in Nashville, Tennessee. It's not abnormal to see a long line of fans – both of Montague and Nashville – waiting to get a photo. Her #WhatLiftsYou wings aren't only featured in Nashville, but also at CityWay! Montague created two murals for Hoosiers to enjoy with the opening of phase II at CityWay. The butterfly wings (both for kids and adults) can be see at the intersection of South and Delaware Streets. Her firefly mural, though, is hidden in our community! If you find it, be sure to tag us at #TheCityWay and #WhatLiftsYou.

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